Hopf algebras and Galois module theory

29th May - 2nd June 2023, University of Nebraska at Omaha / Online

Schedule and Abstracts

Slides for the talks given are available via the links below.
The complete schedule, along with the list of abstracts, is here.

  • Monday 29th May
    • Tim Kohl: Beyond Isomorphic Holomorphs. Slides / Video
    • Lorenzo Stefanello: Bi-skew braces in Hopf–Galois theory. Slides / Video
    • Lindsay Childs: The Galois Correspondence Ratio for some nilpotent Fp-algebras. Slides / Video
    • Andy Schultz: How quaternion algebras shape the structure of square power classes over biquadratic extensions. Slides / Video
  • Tuesday 30th May
    • Andrea Caranti: Finite p-groups, automorphisms, multiple holomorphs, and skew braces. Slides / Video
    • Paul Truman: Skew bracoids and Hopf-Galois structures on separable extensions. Slides / Video
    • Alan Koch: Skew left bracoids via abelian maps. Slides / Video
    • Isabel Martin-Lyons: Almost Classical Skew Bracoids. Slides / Video
  • Wednesday 31st May
    • Cindy Tsang: Regular subgroups in the holomorph, fixed point free pairs of homomorphisms, and group factorizations. Slides / Video
    • Ilaria Colazzo: Derived-indecomposable solutions and skew braces with a finiteness condition. Slides / Video
    • Ilaria Del Corso, Module braces: theory and applications. Slides / Video
  • Thursday 1st June
    • Kevin Keating: Extensions of local fields in characteristic 0 and characteristic p. Slides / Video
    • Nigel Byott: Simple Skew Braces. Slides / Video
    • Teresa Crespo: Braces of size np. Slides / Video
    • Andrew Darlington: Hopf-Galois structures on parallel extensions. Slides / Video
  • Friday 2nd June
    • Daniel Gil-Muñoz: A generalization of Kummer theory to Hopf-Galois extensions. Slides / Video
    • Rob Underwood: A Collection of Hopf orders in K[Cp3] in characteristic p. Slides / Video
    • Griff Elder: Through a dihedral prism. Slides / Video

Photo and Poster

The conference poster is here. This year's poster was created by Erin Carmody (PhD 2015, Set Theory)
The conference photo is here.
The Unicorn photo is here!

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